Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Big Wind-Down

So here we sit on Wednesday, June 2nd. The final full day of school (and my final day of employment teaching for this school year) is Thursday, June 10th. So technically I have six days in front of me in which to enjoy the last of the year and all the experiences it has brought me.

Last week was a busy one for the school and my interventions group program was put on the back burner. Last week Tuesday we held the annual field day, during which it was one of the warmest days of the year and I was running the Tee-Ball event. That was one hot and dusty day no doubt. We started at 9am and ran through until about 2:30 with a large lunch break in-between. One left work that day coated in sun-block, dust and your energy was thoroughly fried from the sun's rays. It was my most interesting day of teaching to-date.

On Friday I accompanied the 5th grade classes on their "senior" day-trip. We brought them to Camp Roger up by Rockford for a number of activities such as animal tracking, survival skills, rock-climbing, archery and other games. The day was a total success and the camp did a marvelous job. The staff we superb and totally engaged with the kids. It was 100% hands-on (as camp should always be) and quite educational.

My Memorial Day weekend was quite packed with fun. Post-work on Friday night I got to see some old friends from GVSU who have since moved away and I rarely get to see. It was a joy to see them once again. Saturday was spent with a run about noon in 90-degree heat with 70% humidity, followed by enjoying CountryPalooza at John Ball Park from 2 until 10 at night with Eric and Lisa. Saw some good local country bands (Small Town Son, Union Guns) and the national act Bombshel. It was a day which left you drained from the sun annd heat and instantly ready for bed. Great day in all!

Sunday morning was relaxing, followed by joining the gang in Allendale for our Memorial Day-eve festivities at 3pm. Drinks of all sorts were had, burgers and brats, chicken and chips. We spent the time both catching the sun's rays while shooting off bottle rockets then avoiding the heat for a moment indoors...and repeating the cycle. Later on the bonfire was started, and then the mosquitos arrived. We were all being eaten alive by midnight, and I had to depart at 2am as the insects were too irritating. Home by 2:30, asleep by 2:33. What an awesome Sunday.

Monday was a quiet day, spent doing laundry, watching TV, organizing items from the past month, and grocery shopping. The storms really killed and chance of any outdoor activity. I skipped my workout that day in favor of the slacker approach to life. Before I knew it, the time for bed had come and in the blink of an eye a three-day weekend filled with fun was over.

Tuesday (June 1) presented new experiences as it was our school's trip to a Whitecaps game. The whole operations was a rather new experience to a lot of the staff, so we rather rolled with the flow. Not everything went smoothly, but we at least had marvelous 80 degree/sunny weather! No kids got hurt and no one too stressed out. We did find that the first graders seemed a bit overwhelmed by the whole environment however.

Today I helped escorted the first grade to a morning bowling trip just down the street. We had probably eight lanes of the old-school two-story bowling alley (yes, two story!!) to ourselves...actually, we were the only ones there. I had a good time and the kids kept it together until the pizza's arrived. Then it was every teacher for themselves, hahahaha.

So there in a nutshell has been my past eight days. Everything is coming to close, although with as busy as it has been it hardly seems that way. I do need a new form of summer employment rather urgently, so if anyone has a good summer job let me know! Who knows, maybe this summer will be the time when I finally move away from this town...who knows.


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  1. Pete - we're still waiting for you to move to the east side :)