Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Halloween 2010 is here, have a safe and fun night!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

New GVSU Fieldhouse Trophy Hall

So the old GVSU trophy hall at the fieldhouse was completely re-done and expanded during the off-season. Below are some of the photographic evidence of just how awesome my alma mater is. I really like the new set up, it works very well.

The hall leaves plenty of space for future expansion if necessary. For a division II program this hall is very nice and represents the pride of the program very well. GVSU does not have nearly the largest athletic budget in DII, but what they have is the best people in place at every position which make it all happen. This is a wonderful dedication to all those who have made a contribution and an awesome celebration of hard-work.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

DIY City: Detroit's Slow Re-invention

Came across a little video piece on Detroit that a friend posted on Facebook.

The show is called Uneaven Terrain: Detroit Lives VBS. It's narrator and host is Johnny Knoxville from Jackass. Knoxville does an AMAZINGLY serious job of highlighting just how creatively the city is being re-born. He's also highlighting just how under-the-rader, and how slow, the re-birth is. The tone is certainly not the death, doom and destruction of all the other news stories on the city that you'll see. It's plain to see the hardtimes. Knoxville takes the time and makes the effort to see all the little things that are happening to re-shape the city, which is vastly deserted in many areas.

He talks to local business owners, young artists and people in the creative sector. These highly independent-minded individuals who are setting it upon themselves to re-create Detroit. From the Heidelberg Project, to urban farming and local-co-ops people lend an opinion and guide Knoxville through the current facets of what was once the brightest city in America.

What you come away from the show with time and time again, and any other article on the city's revival, is that it's one big open slate. All the rules that you have in urban creation in NYC, Chicago, San Fran and others are gone. It is literally a blank slate. What Detroit is, and I'm shocked so few people see it, is one giant blank check. There are no rules, it's wide open and any creation is welcomed with open arms. They're starving for people to come. Land and building prices are some of the cheapest in the country if not the whole known urban developed world. What Detroit really is, is a gold mine that's right under our noses and no one sees it. The first person or group to realize this and use it to it's potential will make billions and become certifiably world-renowned. What will it become? No one can know for sure right now. It's not re-tooling. It's a total new slate. All the old rules are out the window.

Call it the wild-west of urbanism. There's no mad-dash for property and land purchases yet. That will come. How soon and in what fashion are yet to be seen. It could be ten years, it could be 100 years. The Detroit we see in 100 years will look very different from the abandoned one seen now. Detroit will once again have an invaluable impact on the country. Maybe the second time around, the rest of the country will recognize that fact.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Grand Valley Homecoming and More GVSU Football...

So if you follow me on Facebook at all, you know I write for You might have come across some of my game reports and previews on the front page of the site. If you follow Grand Valley football, are an alumnus or student, you might enjoy it.

At any length, last night was homecoming and I did a small write-up including a few small photos. I'll attach the link, but I'll also include a small preview here.

Hope you all enjoy. I'll try and keep this thing updated more this week!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bell's Brewery Expansion

On September 10, 2010 Bell's Brewery and owner Larry Bell announced plans for a $52 million, five-year investment. Today news broke that the initial expansion plans were approved creating 36 jobs in the Kalamazoo/Comstock, MI area.

On it's website, Bell's outlines the initial phases on the investment. "Approximately $17 million will be invested in 2011 to expand the Comstock Township plant, adding 24 new 400-barrel fermenters, a 200-barrel brewhouse, a new employee care area and provide space and equipment for some new specialty fermentations...", states owner Larry Bell in the press release. This initial expansion of production capabilities will signifigantly increase the volume of product that Bell's can push out. "In this business if you're not growing, you're dying." added Mr. Bell.

The remaining $36 million will be used on the Comstock facility through 2016. The press release notes that Bell's is seeing annual growth rates of around twenty percent. "This year, over 150,000 barrels of Bell's brands will be sold, a 20 percent increase over last year.", the article continues.

Bell's is the oldest U.S. craft brewer East of the Mississippi River, started by original and current owner Larry Bell, with a simple soup kettle.

The expansion does beg the question. Will we ever see Orberon available year-round in Mighigan, as it is in Florida? I doubt that will happen, as the brand identity and desirability Bell's has built through Oberon, it's leading seller, might be lost. A high amount of media coverage and beer-talk occurs each March when official "Oberon Release Day" nears. I doubt Bell's would want to lose that free press.

A link to the press release by Bell's is below: