Thursday, April 22, 2010

Consistency is a Beautiful Thing!

Today while on my lunch break at work I was simply taking the moment to sit down and let my brain cool down after several lessons. My phone lights up, it's a certain school that I teach at (my favorite one by the way). I figure they're changing something with my schedule in the upcoming week. I answer, and as always am greeted by the secretary whom I've known for a lot longer than I like to admit answers.

"Hey Pete, how'd you like to work here everyday of the week for the rest of the year guarenteed?"

"Full days?...", I ask in baited tone.

"You bet."

That was all I needed to hear. So for the first time in my teaching experience I do not have to take the time and effort to search for another sub-job. Period...for the rest of the year. Am I with one single class? Nope, however I know the whole school, so there are no surprises and the kids and staff all know me. Again, why it's my favorite.

This comes as a huge relief to me for the next month and little more. However if may mean that since I am under contract until June 10th, my summer employer may not have a position for me. We'll cross that bridge when we get there I figure.
Thank you Gail and Trish for making this happen and whomever else put in a word! You've made my life the next month so much easier!

Consistency is a beautiful thing.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stuck in a Box

You ever have the feeling like your stuck in a box on a social level? One where you really have a lot to say about a whole lot of things. You have tons of friends you hang out with, but none you quite feel is tight enough for getting some of the real shit of your chest? You don't trust some and you don't think the others really give a rat's ass, can't relate, OR don't know you well enough/you don't know them well enough?

Kinda where I'm at right now. The last three months has brought about a whole slue of opinons and topics for me on life, people, careers and loads more. Some of it fairly close to the heart. Specifically amongst my female friends, as some stuff I severely want an opinion/insight from that side of the aisle.

I guess part of it is that after a 4.5 year relationship, and you're out on your own again, I'm finding that you go through a really deep, thorough self personality/image exam. Who am I? Why do people hang out with me? How does the world see me? What first impressions do I give off? What am I good at? What's attractive about me and what isn't? These are all things that for quite a while you were assured of that all of a sudden you're not too trusting with. It's a very alien thing, it's like being without your cell phone and far away from home. You feel as though something is missing/something is vulnerable. I'm sure people who are/have been fired from their jobs feel the same way in a sense.

We all like to know where we stand and why (and sometimes we don't in certain situations). I don't mean to go on and on, but I need to vent occassionally. If you've got a similar experience, feel free to share it. Everyone has had and will have these situations. The more we share, the more people can learn about dealing with them.

Thanks guys!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Car is Fixed!

So I know this is redundent to my facebook status, but I promised all that I would keep an update on here.

I picked my reliable little beast up today at 4 o'clock. Looks great and I'm very satisfied! She had lots of body and paint work done to her, so I need to avoid commercial car washes for 30 days to let that stuff set properly. No, it's not the soap and chemicals that get it, it's the brushes at the car wash that'll muck up your sexy paint job.

I do miss the new Impala, but there is something nice about having YOUR car back.

Later people.

Improvements Coming?

I'd like to get some improvements for this thing that you kids occasionally look at.
I might change hosts, and I'd definitly like to add more photo's and relevent (and totally irrelevent!) news stories. You all now can see what I look like, as if you didn't already.

By the way, feel free to comment as much as you'd like including any requests that you think would make the site more enjoyable and entertaining.

Don't forget, Western Conference Quarterfinals game 4 tonight at Joe Louis Arena. Phoenix totally dominated the Wings in game 3 with a 4-2 on Sunday. Detroit looks absolutely lackluster and need a Steve Yzerman-esqe pep-talk to get this ship back on course and start playing up to their potential. They have however run right into a very hot goaltender it appears. We all know how running into hot goalies in the first round has treated us in the past!

Have a good Tuesday!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Dateline NBC Detroit Special

Check this out if you're from Michigan and especially if you hail from Southeastern Michigan. This is a really good piece on Detroit and the current crisis from NBC. The show was only an hour, and you certainly can't fit everything in an hour timeslot.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend Update

So last Tuesday I let you all know about my car accident. Well by Wednesday morning I learned how lucky I was to be.

All repairs are being done at no charge, including waving my deductible as I was not at fault. I was alos given a loaner car at no charge to me for the time my car is in the shop. Speaking of which, my little beast is due to be fixed and ready by this coming Wednesday. This of course means I need to give up my 2009 Chevy Impala, which I have greatly enjoyed since last Wednesday morning.

I'm usually not one for shameless plugs, but this is the second time I have been very impressed with Progressive, my insurance provider. I have full coverage, including complimentary rental car, and this recent occurance is the reason why. Sure, I could spend less with less coverage, but the outcome from this would not have been so effortless and so-far, happy. The process has been seamless and very efficient.

Other than that, I enjoyed a rather nice weekend, however over way too soon. Who am I kidding, I'm only working a half day tommorow I need to shut my trap. On Friday my sub-job was quite easy. I replaced one teacher in a dual/team-taught 5th grade class. The other teacher whom I have worked with before, did all the work. He's definitly type-A and likes it done his way which I don't mind. I simply ran enforcement all day and helped kids one-on-one. After work I came home to get in a lower-body lifting session and then just relax for the evening. No social activities planned at all, so I sat back with a beer and watched some hockey.

Saturday I joined Lisa and Eric for the GVSU spring football game. Quite nice, however the wind was a bit brisk. Post game activities included time spent in the party bus/rv with other alumni. After the bus, we headed back to Eric's to troll for fire-wood in the back 10 acres of woods at his place. I hade it home about 6pm, and had another quiet night.

Today started out with a morning jaunt in the sun around 9. I got home around 10am and had breakfast followed by a workout. The afternoon was spent doing laundry and gettng mad at the Red Wings. So here we are, settling in for another week of fun! Let's hope I stay on top of this better this week!

Oh, by the way, visit They'll make you happy you chose them, trust me.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Car Accident

Well it happens now and then. On my way home from work today I was rear-ended by a pickup going about 30-35 MPH. It did a number on the Corolla, which is now in the shop awaiting inspection and estimates. It looks as though I won't need to pay my deductible, as it was not my fault. I was Eastbound on Leonard and had to slam on my brakes as the car in front of me did. Well, the Ford Ranger behind me didn't. He plowed me into the Impala in front of me.

The little beast's back bumper is messed way up, trunk a smashed and jammed in the up position. The exhaust pipeline is completely dislodged, and I have minor damage to the front of my car.

I am due to get my rental tommorow, then it'll be back to normal transportation-wise. I'm really hoping to not have to pay my deductible as I was a "victim" in the incident.

I haven't had an accident since may 2007 when my last car was totalled by a drunk driver. Thank God no one was in it at the time and it was simply parked. I was hoping to avoid a fun experience like this, but I doubt the little beast is totalled. *Crosses Fingers*

I'll keep you all informed as to what eventually happens here.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oh Yee of Little Hockeytown Faith (I Now Eat Crow)

Well it's now April 8th and the playoff race in the NHL's Western Conference has been decided. I remember yakking on and on earlier in the season about the dubious nature of the Red Wings play before the Olympic break, and how the quiet, but building, undertone was of the playoff streak ending. Many sports writers stated that if any team needed the Olympic break to get healthy and get their heads together, it was Detroit. More profetic words have been spoken throughout history, but these were right on the money.

Since the return of the regular season at the start of March, the winged-wheel has become a machine once again. Reeling off win streak after win streak and becoming the hottest team in the league. Rookie stalward goalie Jimmy Howard has been lights out, and looks like the phenom of the year. The Red Wings offensive power has found it's traction again, and is hitting the net. A mistake prone and sloppy defense over the first several months of the season has began to gel. While Lidstrom won't get the Norris, nor will Datsyuk or Zetterburg get a scoring title, the Wings are back.
They've locked up their 19th consecutive playoff spot, a current record amongst ALL the four major league sports. At the moment they're tied with Nashville for the 5th seed in the West with 98 points. With two games on the regular season schedule remaining, it looks like they may retain the 5th seed and control some form of their destiny.

To me, the year is already a success. A Phoenix from the ashes of an abysmal first half from which I openly stated that they might very well miss the playoffs, or worse; finish sub .500. If we get swept in the first round, yeah it'll be very dissapointing. However, the alternative would have been even more embarrassing. We could have ended up like the Tigers of last year. Full of potential, only to fall a fingernail short, as close as close can get. But, not good enough.

Hockey fans in Michigan lets break out the octopi and face paint, and dig the trenches. We've gotten hot at the right time, let's hope they can hit that playoff gear and make a deep run. I will sit down to a big helping of crow all weekend and just enjoy the games.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April and Spring Break (Plus Dr. Pete's Social Advice)

So it's now April, and I'm on spring break once again. It feels quite nice to get a week of "me" time even if it is not paid. How productive have I been? Laughably un-productive.

I do have lots of boring, boring junk to work on tonight, so that will keep me busy.

I've been keeping myself quite busy with friends lately, which I am really proud of myself for doing. My recently expanded amount of "me" time has given me a golden opportunity to re-connect with some old friends and even make a few new ones. I'm quite thankful for this as it had been a while since I had done any real social-sphere expansion.

When one loses the bubble of comfort that a long-term relationship provides, you are then forced to make your own plans. It's not a given that you will have quality social interaction, which especially for people in long-distance relationships who don't get to see their signifigant other often, is paramount. One often doesn't grasp just how important the friendships you have are, and after a traumatic separation just how heavily you rely on these friends to give you emotional and social support in your recovery.

I would encourage anyone in a long-distance relationship to make time for your friends, real time. Not just lunch once a month or something. I know you need to see your signifigant other too and talk to them. I'm assuming you already do this rather easily so there's no need for change. However, how many evenings or weekends do you sit around kinda mopey? Nothing to do? Call someone, anyone. Make plans, even if it is just someone coming over to watch the game or a movie. You'll be a far more mentally healthy person, and it will actually help your relationship.

What if your signifigant other dislikes your friends or feels uncomfortable with your hanging out with members of the opposite sex not in their presence? What if they yell at you and use bully-ish tactics to dissuade you from going out? I've seen this way too often, and it really kills the victim. Yes, I refer to the person who's social life is being held hostage a victim. Now, maybe the "victim" in question is a habitual cheater? True, there are grey areas to this scenario. However, if the victim is this un-faithful that it makes the relationship such a hell, why are you dating him/her?! If you cannot trust your signifigant other around members of the opposite sex when you're not present, don't even think about marriage.

I've seen people go turtle who are in a long distance relationship and rarely ever talk to friends. Don't be the turtle, you have a responsibility to yourself and your mental health to have social contact. It will help all aspects of your life, from mood to your performance at work.

The doctor is now out.