Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Car Accident

Well it happens now and then. On my way home from work today I was rear-ended by a pickup going about 30-35 MPH. It did a number on the Corolla, which is now in the shop awaiting inspection and estimates. It looks as though I won't need to pay my deductible, as it was not my fault. I was Eastbound on Leonard and had to slam on my brakes as the car in front of me did. Well, the Ford Ranger behind me didn't. He plowed me into the Impala in front of me.

The little beast's back bumper is messed way up, trunk a smashed and jammed in the up position. The exhaust pipeline is completely dislodged, and I have minor damage to the front of my car.

I am due to get my rental tommorow, then it'll be back to normal transportation-wise. I'm really hoping to not have to pay my deductible as I was a "victim" in the incident.

I haven't had an accident since may 2007 when my last car was totalled by a drunk driver. Thank God no one was in it at the time and it was simply parked. I was hoping to avoid a fun experience like this, but I doubt the little beast is totalled. *Crosses Fingers*

I'll keep you all informed as to what eventually happens here.

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