Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend Update

So last Tuesday I let you all know about my car accident. Well by Wednesday morning I learned how lucky I was to be.

All repairs are being done at no charge, including waving my deductible as I was not at fault. I was alos given a loaner car at no charge to me for the time my car is in the shop. Speaking of which, my little beast is due to be fixed and ready by this coming Wednesday. This of course means I need to give up my 2009 Chevy Impala, which I have greatly enjoyed since last Wednesday morning.

I'm usually not one for shameless plugs, but this is the second time I have been very impressed with Progressive, my insurance provider. I have full coverage, including complimentary rental car, and this recent occurance is the reason why. Sure, I could spend less with less coverage, but the outcome from this would not have been so effortless and so-far, happy. The process has been seamless and very efficient.

Other than that, I enjoyed a rather nice weekend, however over way too soon. Who am I kidding, I'm only working a half day tommorow I need to shut my trap. On Friday my sub-job was quite easy. I replaced one teacher in a dual/team-taught 5th grade class. The other teacher whom I have worked with before, did all the work. He's definitly type-A and likes it done his way which I don't mind. I simply ran enforcement all day and helped kids one-on-one. After work I came home to get in a lower-body lifting session and then just relax for the evening. No social activities planned at all, so I sat back with a beer and watched some hockey.

Saturday I joined Lisa and Eric for the GVSU spring football game. Quite nice, however the wind was a bit brisk. Post game activities included time spent in the party bus/rv with other alumni. After the bus, we headed back to Eric's to troll for fire-wood in the back 10 acres of woods at his place. I hade it home about 6pm, and had another quiet night.

Today started out with a morning jaunt in the sun around 9. I got home around 10am and had breakfast followed by a workout. The afternoon was spent doing laundry and gettng mad at the Red Wings. So here we are, settling in for another week of fun! Let's hope I stay on top of this better this week!

Oh, by the way, visit They'll make you happy you chose them, trust me.


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