Monday, February 28, 2011

March and a New Beginning

Good Evening!

Well, if you're reading this you know this blog has really fallen off the face of the earth the past few months. Life has seen some changes since Christmas break.

This past spring I met a girl through some mutual friends in a "group" setting that I usually hang out in. We became basic friends who simply occassionally texted or talked online over the summer. As summer turned to fall, we began to find more in-common and we began talking and hanging out more. We then began hanging out just the two of us. Our friendship really began to blossom and I found myself exchanging flirtaciousness with her more and more. As fall pressed on, feelings grew for her (and un-be-nounced to me at the time, in her for me as well). Things were progressing, and friends were beginning to wonder.

As winter began, I had acknowledged in myself the feelings I had for this girl. Having however been through the most devastating break-up of my life less than a year earlier, I was still on the defensive. I wasn't sure I could handle it. I wasn't sure that it was time. I wasn't sure I wanted to risk having everything ripped out of me again. Not yet anyway. Then, came the day after Christmas and we somewhat inebriatedly revealed our feelings for each other in a rather up-front manner. I guess it was our way of summoning up the courage to inform the other of our deeply-held feeings. I however, still had a lot of un-certainty to wrestle with.

Over the next few weeks in January this amazing young woman and I (herself a teacher and sub) were essentially unofficially dating. Every day was an adventure and we learned more and more about each other (and consequently just how right we were for each other). Finally I had had enough and decided to take the full plunge. God would not have placed such a wonderful person in my life if he had not intended for me to take some risks. On Saturday, February 5th we made our relationship "official" to our "fans and adoring public" and we have not looked back since.

I am the happiest I have been in a long time and I am ever-thankful to God and life itself for what I have. I am truly a lucky and blessed guy. This young lady is just about the most amazing person I have come across. She is smart, drop-dead beautiful, and has the grace, patience and love of an angel. This beautiful 5'5" sandy-brunette bomshel has made me aware of just what teaching really means to me and has allowed me to pursue what I love. Her passions and hobbies mirror and compliment mine and we both desire very similar achievements for ourselves and our future.

Only time will tell, but this one has a certain "rightness" about it that is indescribable. I am in love!!