Wednesday, May 26, 2010

If You Had to Move...

Yahoo released Kiplinger's list of the ten U.S. cities most ready for the coming decade today. The list is as follows:

1. Austin, Tx.
2. Seattle, Wash.
3. Washington D.C.
4. Boulder, Co.
5. Salt Lake City, Utah
6. Rochester, Mn
7. Des Moines, Iowa
8. Burlington, Vt.
9. West Hartford, Ct.
10. Topeka, Ks.

The article brings up some very good points about the urban areas they list. I am also impressed that they refrained from simply listing all sun-belt and western cities as is the fad. There were also some surprises in there for me!

I always knew Des Moines was a nice, well-off place but they really have their act together more than I apparently give them credit for. Rochester, Mn. is home to the famed Mayo Clinic (at which a childhood friend of mine just landed a job after med-school! Go Mark!) which brings in over 2 million patients from out of town a year. Rockester by the way is slightly SE of Minneapolis. Some more surprises were Burlington Vt. and Topeka Ks. These are truly not flashy picks from the editor, but they're looking at the actual engine and numbers, not palm trees and fluff. This is again why I am relatively impressed with the article. Such lists usually include a hand-ful of Florida cities and places along the lines of Phoenix and Las Vegas due simply to growth patterns.

Here's the link to the article:

Now, here's my question to you; if you had to move to just one of them which one do you choose? This is a tough choice for me. I would really love to move to Austin and/or Seattle. However a friend recently completed grad school in Colorado and has been raving about it, so Boulder would be up there for me too.

I encourage you to post your answers (or at least your top choices) below!! Don't be shy, let us know!