Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Beer Review: Travis' Homebrewed Red/Amber Ale

So a buddy of mine started home brewing a couple months ago. His second batch of beer happened to be an amber/red ale. Here's my evaluation:

A- Pours a nice, rusty colored amber. Slight chill haze, other than that somewhat clear. I nice white, frothy head rises to an inch high and slowly levels off. Good lacing left on the glass. Love the deep hues on this one!

S- This one's a malty beer for sure! It has a great nose on it. Lots of caramel malts and light toffee scents. No hoppiness to be had.

T- Very palateable. The taste is lightly of malts, some barley, lots of cereal grains in this one. Some of the malts do seem a lightly roasted as well. There's a peaty character in there that is hard to identify. Why is it hard to identify? Because the flavor compunds of the beer dissapear way too fast. You get a nice light hit, and then they vanish. Virtually nothing on the finish. Is it the mild character that's throwing me? The taste is good, it just goes away waaay too fast.

M- Very clean, crisp and refreshing. Did I just sound like a Bud Light ad? This one is good, it is exactly what it should be. It's not a cloying hop-bomb, or a all-encompassing stout.

D- Very drinkable. One could session this beer without any thought or hesitation.

Overall? Good beer! I guess I've come to expect a heavier amber from the likes of Bells, but this one is certainly good. I could easily enjoy this in summer and winter.

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