Saturday, May 22, 2010

Texas School Board Votes to Re-Write History and Truth.

So, if you haven't heard some uber-conservative influences on the Texas School Board have gotten a recent vote to go in their favor. That vote was monumental and will affect the whole country. That vote deals with what is written in school text books, specifically history. This vote forces changes to the content.

The changes include additions such as mentions of the conservative movement starting with Regan in the 1980's, full mentions and descriptions of the NRA (which is one I am fine with as they have always played a huge role in our nation's history), and one of the worst I feel is talking of the so-called and self-termed "moral majority". The "moral majority" fodder is the as same elementary school-yard bickering. One side basically saying that "we're the good guys and superior to you" simply because of the method in which they choose to follow Christianity. Implying that those who do not follow as they do are immorale and will burn in hell for eternity. And you thought the Salem witch trials were over??? LMAO!!! Finally, another addition is the idea that the founding fathers did not intend for our country to have separation of church and state. Debating is fine, so as long as both theories are equally represented, it works. It is afterall up to the individual citizen to choose their religion and how they follow it, not the government.

Other changes include cutting the term "imperialism" and replacing it with "expansionism" when it comes to the expansions and annexing of western lands from native americans by the US government in the 1800's. Replacing these terms are only meant to ease the consciences of those who might be ashamed of some of the methods in which our fore-father's created the country we now live in. This is a little make-up on a permanent black-eye, and can only serve to mask a historical truth. You can't change history, or truth.

There is more to the story, but you can read up on it here:

This is but another salvo fired in the ever-deepending ideological divide in this country. Sadly I fear that in little more than a decade we might face serious issues as a country in terms of stability (in all matters) due to this non-sense.

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  1. I'm cool with rewording imperialism to expansionism. Even if it is a little more misleading of a term, it still accurately describes what was happening at the time; even if the nuance of "Empire Building" that all western nations engaged in at the time is lost. That crap about the founding fathers not wanting separation of Church and State is complete B.S. though and 100% historically inaccurate.