Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Evening Ponderings

As I sit here this Monday evening while a load of laundry is in the wash, I once again realize just how fast life is. It's virtually 7:30 already, and in hindsight I barely noticed my weekend (even though I did a really fantastic job of enjoying it).

I got out of work at 3;30, headed right home and started a good workout. Heaven knows after Sunday's pig-out fest I needed it. I then proceeded to shower, and head to Meijer for the weekly shop. This killed about 40 minutes, and it was home to enjoy Muligatauny (sp?) curry chicken and rice with madre. Post dinner clean-up help, laundry started, and here we are. I had the chance to go to Allendale tonight, but I had too much to do and the drive wasn't worth it as I'd just been yesterday.

Then I realized I hadn't updated this beast in a week. I guess that's what happens when you re-discover your uber-social-life side and get out to see friends on the weeknights more often than not. I'm heavily thankful for my friends here, as the social aspect is a great escape and boost lately. If I get a job out of state, far away, I sort of fear the initial lonliness of life without close friends to hang out with. I know one day it may be inevitable, but from what other friends and cousins have told me, it's not that fun to not know anyone your own age in a strange new place.

I realized late last week and today just how mentally "checked out" my 5th graders are. They have a serious lack of academic concern, and have a full case of senior-itis. I guess we were all like that. It's just quite tough to get through stuff that normally would be second nature to them, is now like drilling a cavity.

Not having done too much job hunting in the past week (since learning of my impending unemployment come June 11) I'm fairly optimistic about the summer still. Hell, one has to stay optimistic in this world or not much seems worthwhile, ya dig?

Have a good evening.

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