Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer's Heat...

It's here again, and it's letting you know it. This time last year I remember wearing a sweatshirt past 5pm. Not this year, this year shorts and a t-shirt are still too much. Today's temperature is 87 degrees, sunny, with a humidity index near 70%. Anything with the word "sweat" was totally different.

I woke up at 8am with the sun shining. As is usual in summer, I was immediatly able to open my window with moderate temps outside. I woke up and got myself together. At 10am I was ready to get outside for a run. You could cut the humidity and stagnant air with a knife. The run went well, until I turned onto the final mile-long straight-away. It faced right into the un-impeded sun and was all searing, black asphalt. Wow, will that kill you quick. By the time I got home the sweat was coming off me in sheets and I had to drench myself in cool water to reduce my body temperature.

So there it is my friends, welcome to summer in Michigan. It'll be sunny and in the upper 80's all week here. I got quite a bit of sun today, which I'm sure my students will remind me of tommorow. I would however gladly take this weather over 30 degrees all the time. It really is a lot more enjoyable.

It does make you those who get this year-round or 9-10 months a year really appreciate it? Do they know what 4 months of dark, cold temps is like? I mean I enjoy the snow as much as the next person, but after a while it gets old. You want to be able to go outside without cleaning off or scraping your car, without bundling up everytime. You want some natural vitamin D from the sun. This is why the "sun-belt" has thrived or the past several decades. You wonder if those who have been there a decade or more have lost their appreciation for it...maybe have them move to Marquette or Buffalo for a winter??

I'll leave you with that thought. Have a great Sunday night.

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