Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 1st!

Welcome to May folks! Wow, is it really May already!?

This past week was very busy for me and the times I had to get something on here I didn't have the energy. Last weekend was quite busy and fun, out with a friend friday night and then a bonfire Saturday.

This week I had something every night M-Th after work. Monday I helped a good friend move into her new apartment until 11:45. Tuesday I had a friend with something rather traumatic happen to him, so the situation warrented social interaction. Wednesday was just plain for kicks and Thursday was completely unplanned. I had yesterday (Friday) "off" from social interaction for the first time since the previous Sunday. It was sorely needed as it allowed me to just relax.

Today I headed out to Allendale around 1pm to meet my friend to get some tree cutting done on his property for fire wood. Well, about 1:30 I get a call from a 616 area code number that I do not recognize. Instinctively I want to ignore it and see if they leave a voicemail. However, something in my being told me I needed to answer this call. Well, it turned out to be my mother. She was out volunteering and had flushed her keys down the toilet accidentally. Not only her car keys, but her house set as well. I can't make this stuff up. My buddy and I needed to go to Lowe's anyway, so we headed into town to get her an extra set and all was good in the end.

Now I sit at home sore as ever after cutting down 6 trees and cutting them up with a hand saw. We burned a bunch of small shrubbery that needed clearing, as well as grill some brats.

All in a days work I tells ya. Thank goodness the rain held off and it was relatively nice! Happy Saturday!

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