Monday, June 21, 2010

30-Day Challenge - Day 10: "Me" Time

We all know the term "me" time. It usually means time with just yourself and no other people around. Usually involving activities you enjoy, it allows you time to just be an introvert if you need to work things out in your head. It allows one some peace of mind and a sense of letting the brain cool down. Furthermore it can mean a nice balance in your social life. For me, yesterday and today are "me" time.

What's so different about that you might ask? Well this is the first time in probably two and a half weeks that I have spent two days in a row away from friends. I remember last week I accomplished an eight day stretch of hanging out with friends and co-workers. By the time I had some quiet time on Thursday of last week, it was much needed.

One might think I'm relishing my second day of hanging out with just me. Oddly enough, I kind of wish I had something to do. I mean there's only so much sitting in front of this computer applying for jobs that a person can do ALL day long (hence the blog break). The only negative part of the social aspect is that spending money, because we always tend to spend more than we intended.

So how much time is too-much "me" time for you? Is a single day a week enough, or could you go a whole week without seeing another person?

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