Monday, June 7, 2010

Final Countdown

Well I have three days left of teaching this year, then it's the great unknown. It's guarenteed to be somewhat scary as any unknown is, but I am certain far greater things will result.

I feel I've gotten a little too wrapped up in my current gig, and it may have cost me a summer job. However, I think that not being at that certain summer job will be far better for me...I can cut the chain off. I've also had to put-off important conversations with career contacts and discussing future university classes. The remainder of June come June 11 I need to lock-down and get back in the groove. Grad school won't happen until I take the entry tests. This thing needs to happen, and we all know what it is. I've done my internships, I've put in two years of teaching in giving back to the world. Now is time for the next step. It may be quite painful, but it must and will happen.

Life is one big adventure. When it's over you'd better have helped the world, and gotten some amazing memories and stories along the way. My next chapter is calling, and I need to turn the page despite how much I love this last chapter. Without saying a word, certain people around me have told me it's matter how much it hurts.

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