Saturday, June 19, 2010

30-Day Challenge Day - 8: Post #101

So this blog post is my 101st on here, so I think I need to celebrate in some fashion. Here is where you, my loyal two or three followers need to give me some ideas on what to do to celebrate such a momentus and un-important occasion.

I would first like to thank all of you who actually sometimes read and comment on my diatribe for making me aware that this is actually looked at by people other than it's author. Without you, this is merely a diary...which is not nearly as fun or cool. With that said, YOU need to go reward YOURSELVES for being such awesome people.

What's that? You need a current events opinion from me? Okay, if you insist. I think this whole BP oil spill is one of the three most horrific things to happen to our country and the results of it will be felt for 100 years. No, I'm not kidding...100 years. Several generations will have to deal with the result. The ONLY good that can come of it is that it will literally force our country into speeding up our energy diversification. It is also further evidence that drilling should be banned on the great lakes, and that Muskegon and Ottawa counties need to APPROVE the proposed wind farms that would be built two miles off-shore. Mason and Oceana counties already voted no on the issue. Such a vote explains why our state and country are in the dire position they're in; the people making the decisions there are too stupid to know better.

Okay, rant over. How should I celebrate?


  1. I was a Mason county resident for 18 years of my life. Just because it is a different energy source doesn't mean it is a good idea. There are two sides to every story....I'm not going to get into it over the internet---just thought I'd tell you that the people living here aren't as stupid as you may think...

    Kelly Murphy

  2. Mason and Oceana counties turned it down as fast as a trial in the old Soviet Union. Someone had their mind made up before even seeing the plans.

    If we want to exist as a cohesive, relevent country in the near future we need to begin thinking outside of the box and challenging paradigms Kelly. The other options is drilling in the Great Lakes, and I don't even need to present evidence as to why this would spell the end of "Pure Michigan".

    Did I make a broad statement? You bet and I'll own responsibility for it. It's far too frustrating to see our state go down the tubes and then when presented with an amazing opportunity people won't even give it a fair shake and at least investigate the possibilities. One definition for insanity is trying the same method/strategy over and over and expecting different results...