Thursday, June 24, 2010

30-Day Challenge Day 13 - Inspirational Tunes

What kind of music inspires you? Is it mellow, edgy, slow, fast, deep and emotional? Does it soothe? Does it aggravate? Does it make you happy or mad? Does it plain out want to make you drink heavily? To each his/her own to match your own personality style. Inspirational rythms are very different for each individual.

I'm sharing with you a kind of tune that really gets me inspired and amped up. I like it because it is dramatic, intense, deep and to me conveys a sense of unstoppable will and creativity. It flows in sync with my spirit to say it better. It embodies the timeless quote of "Make no small plans, for they lack the power to stir the hearts of men."

Share a Youtube clip that has a tune that inspires you in whatever you do. Try to keep to relatively clean though peeps.

Muchas Gracias!!

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