Saturday, June 12, 2010

30 Day Challenge! Day 1

Hey all! I've recently checked out a fellow blogger and friend who's doing a 30-day challenge to blog for 30 straight days. She's already laid out what her topics will be for each day, which cn be nice. I however am going to go on the fly, as my mood and activities will have a random impact on my topics. Plus, you get more surprises!

So I'm now on my summer "break", serious job hunting is commencing, starting with resume and coverletter work. My last day of teaching was Thursday, and it was quite nice! This weekend's already been a crazy and packed time with tons of fun. Lots of sun involved here. I have to really work on un-casper-izing myself these next couple weeks as I have a real farmer's tan. More stories tommorow!

Okay, day one is in the books!

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