Tuesday, July 13, 2010

30 Day Challenge Day - 28: Just Under the Deadline Again

Good Evening and once again I'm getting this one in JUST under the deadline!

Tonight is a night where YOU the reader take an active roll in this here blog. I'm asking you a question, that question is what is your favorite place to be in summer? It can be anywhere, and for any reason.

Mine is right here in Pure Michigan, on the lakeshore or a beachtown. I love Southern California and the Pacific coast, but the Great Lakes are my home and nothing makes me feel summer more than heading to the lake or "Up North". The feeling is impossible to describe and it fills you with Hemingway-esqe inspiration and a sense of adventure. Life feels more fulfilling.

So, get interactive and opinionated!!! What and where and why is your favorite summer destination?

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