Saturday, July 3, 2010

30 Day Challenge Day - 21: Why Short People Hate Clothes Shopping

So, I'm 5'3", you know that by now I'd think. So today it was time for me to get a new swimsuit. While I am short, my body is very proportionate for my size. That however means that items like feet, arms and legs are shorter/smaller than your average 5'10"-6' male. See where the problem is coming in here??

Now swimsuit sizes aren't waist sizes, they're simply small, medium, large, XXL as they have a waist drawstring to adjust. Having a 30" waist I have no problem with that. First off, the store has no "small" sizes so I am without choice there. However, to me I would think a medium would be perfect. That's the size t-shirt that fits me perfectly, and my torso is smaller than someone 5'10" or taller.
However a medium swimsuit comes down to the bottom of my kneecaps.


This is eternally frustrating as it always looks like I'm literally swimming in my swimsuit. GGRRRRR. I mean I can find regular shorts that work just fine and fit appropriatly, why not swim shorts?!? The math doesn't work here and I don't know why this is some weird exception to fashion rationality.

This is the one thing about being a shorter individual that is the most difficult and gives me the most headaches. I love who I am, so why can't clothing manufacturers?!?

So I though I would get that off my chest as it's going to be a little search to find something that works acceptably.

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