Thursday, July 1, 2010

30 Day Challenge Day - 19: July and a divorce settlement.

So welcome to July my friends! I hope you all have a HUUUUGE holiday weekend planned coming up. For those of you in places where it will rain, I am sorry for your luck. Western Mitten is looking more than perfect. Clear, sunny and warm/hot weather from now to Monday morning. Epic win for America's High Five on America's special weekend.

Okay, now on to Tiger's baby-momma-drama. We all know Tiger has an unimaginable amount of money. However, he is soon to part with most of it acording to a new phantom report. While listening to Jim Rome earlier, he cited a fuzzy report speculating that Tiger's settlement payment may range from $750-$830 MILLION dollars!!! ZZiiinnggg....walk that off son.

Now, this may be news to a lot of us but I wasn't aware he even had that much stashed away. Why is the amount so high?! I'll tell you why it might be so high.
Elin may know something we all don't. In fact, she DOES know something we all don't. In fact, she knows a lot we don't. You want to know why that number may be as high as it is? because Tiger wants to KEEP the fact that Elin knows a lot and we don't that way.

That right there is a hush payment right there kiddo's. He's paying her to keep her quiet. He needs her to keep quiet because those two are the only two (besides maybe a few lawyers) people that know what reeeaallllyy happened that night TW hurled his suv into that tree. That's a hell of a lot of money, maybe ALL of Tiger's money. However I have a feeling that Tiger and Elin know a bit more than the rest of us.

By the way, Elin will get total custody as well all know.
TMZ has nothing on me.
Go do something productive for society now.

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