Sunday, January 10, 2010

Making the Weekend Enjoyable

So what makes the weekend enjoyable to you? We all have different things we like to do or people we like to see in order for the weekend to get put in the really enjoyable category. Whether is be just sitting at home watching tv, a certain bar or group of friends, it's common across our human collage.

For me, I like spending time with my girlfriend and my friends from college. Either or both usually sets the scene for quite the fun-loving environment.

I also enjoy the dining out on really good food for not a whole lot of coin. So since I stated the term "really good", we can automatically leave out the applecrapbee's and McGrills around the country. What do I really enjoy? I'll give you a couple examples. First, is Relli's Pizza and bar in downtown Dewitt, MI. The portions are immense, and price is shockingly puny. Last night I once again enjoyed their all-you-can-east Fetticcini for $5.50. That INCLUDES a large salad to start (with homemade ranch on the side) and a big basket of fresh bread. If you want chicken or shrimp, it's $6.50, but STILL! That is truly one awsome establishment they have.

Some others to note as well for their portions, quality and price would have to be; Uccello's Sports bar in GR, half off all drafts and appetizers Sun.-Thurs. 10-midnight.
Yesterdog, Grand Rapids, MI. If you don't know, go.
Doc's Sports Bar in Livonia, MI. Unreal amount of tv's, great menu with really affordable prices.
Lou and Harry's in East Lansing, MI. Just go get a pita with fries. You'll know.
Benito's Pizza in Novi, MI. Umm, let's see...2 medium pizzas with 2 toppings each, benito cheese bread and a choice of salad or wings for $20. W-I-N.

There's more, but I can't name them all. Too much good food for a small penny.
What's common about all these? They're all local business to their towns keeping the money local. Get my drift?


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  1. Yesterdogs is the shit. I wish they made them like that somewhere in East Lansing.