Monday, January 25, 2010

After more than two weeks - snow.

Well it had been January 7th the last time I visually saw measureable snow in Grand Rapids and today is Monday, January 25th. For the middle of January in the lake effect belt, that's a tad strange. Finally this afternoon very light granules of snow began falling and have continued tonight. We're supposed to get a couple inches, along with some pretty good winds tommorow. The snow trend looks to continue in some form or fashion throughout the week. It's yet to be seen if I head out of town this coming weekend or not.

I've once again gotten the great urge to travel, even after traveling somewhere in-state and a few destinations out-of-state almost every weekend in the fall and early winter. This one is a serious one, probably requiring airfare whenever the hell I can find something in my budget again.

What am I in the mood for? Randomness. I could pack a carry-on right now and GLADLY go on a 48 hour mileage run cris-crossing the country. Call me crazy, but I think the concept of mileage running (which I've done in the past) is quite entertaining.
The whole idea that I can go from Michigan to the West coast and back in several stops in less than 24 hours is just cool. What took people days to do only 100 years ago, we can do in only 4-5 hours.

Adrienne - "Don't you want to stay and see your destination?"

Sure a nice, long 4-day vacation is the goal. You get to see the sights (see above comment), eat the food, relax and do whatever. The there are the costs to take into account. If you have to get a hotel room costs go skyrocketing. Them you must think about food. If you're traveling, you're probably going to have to eat out for almost all of your meals unless staying with family or friends. Normal hotel rooms don't come with kitchens.

Mileage running allows one to truthfully say "I've been there!" Now, in most cases you really can't leave the airport to see anything. This begs the question; is it worth it? That depends on who you ask and what that person's goals are.

So, there ya have it. I'm seriously thinking about saving for airfare and asking my cousins in NYC if I could crash for a few nights this spring/summer. I've never been to NYC, the US orginins of my Irish family. So Emily, Bri, if you're reading this I'd be glad to slip ya a few bucks sometime in the coming year for lodging. I'll let you know how serious I am about it.

For now, I'm out peoples.

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