Sunday, January 31, 2010

Beer Review: Dragonmead's Erik the Red

Happy Sunday Evening to all enjoying their last hours of freedom before work calls again in the morning. We've got another beer to review and this one's brand new to me. It's from the Dragonmead brewery in metro-Detroit. The name Erik the Red symbolizes this is an american amber ale. Alright, let's go!

A- Pours a dark amber color, slight haziness which is always a plus with me. White head rises to a half inch and then falls. No real lacing.

S- I'm smelling a lot of malts, very characteristic for this style. I'm putting this one up against my experiences with Bell's Amber, which I consider the best out there. There is simply loads of graininess in the nose, with maybe a splash of honey?

T- This one is very smooth but you can definitly get a firm hold on that malt content quickly. I get breadiness with a little yeast. No hoppiness detected anywhere, although I know it's there. This one really tastes like it could be from England it's so mild, I wonder how this one would taste from a hand-pull cask?

M- Pleasant, this one really doesn't pile on the chewiness, which is good. It's got a clean texture and is no where as mouth-coating as a big american IPA.

D- Sessionable for sure. This one won't wreck your taste buds if your having it with food. This one would actually be a great introductory beer to someone curious about trying a craft beer who never has tried one before. It's mild enough where it wouldn't offend someone not used to it.

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