Saturday, January 23, 2010

I'm Not Fat...


My new favorite comedian, Gabriel Iglesias.

If you watch Comedy Central at all, and recently, you've probably seen him. He's hispanic, and he's big...noticably big. Big enough that he calls himself "fluffy" instead of fat. The endearing term has made him a cult craze, along with his dynamic personality and seemingly endless chache of voice impersonations he is capable of. At times he has the bouncy energetic aura of a 9-year old on a caffinne high, other times he's as measured, calculated and light-footed as an attourny. He's skilled enough to interplay the two simultaneously. If you are at all in-touch with your youthful side, he'll leave you laughing so hard you'll be in a ball on the floor with tears coming down your face.

Thank me later fool.

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