Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Beer Review: Bell's Expedition Stout

Well I've had this one sitting around for a few weeks and decided it was a good night for it. Luckily, this big-bold stout ages well. Now the style of this one is a Russian Imperial Stout, which means it will have a much higher alcohol content, and have a lot more intense flavors than a normal stout. This guy has an ABV of 10.5%, so it's a slow sipper. Go time-

A- Rich and velvety briney black pour. This one definitly looks like old, old motor oil! A luscious brown head of foam rises to about 3/4 of an inch and holds...slooowly falls. Looks really creamy as well, like a chocolate dessert in a glass.

S- The nose on this beer is amazing. Deep smells of roasted cocoa beans, real chocolate, roasted almonds and malts. The smell is really pleasant and makes you want to start drinking it right away.

T- Wow, this is one big beer. On the front of the sip there is are a lot of rich flavors flowing around. Molasses, cocoa, dark chocolate. Then some of the roastiness comes through...roasted malts, dark breadiness...do I taste roasted almonds? A second sit reveals more complexity. Bourbon-soaked raisins come to mind. Be noted, don't serve this beer super cold. You need about 45-50 degrees, and let it warm just slightly as you drink it. That will pull out all of the flavors this one has to offer.

M- Well, it's a russian imperial stout. We've got a thick velvety texture. It's so smooth and mouth-coating you really think you're drinking some kind of a dessert! Excellent!

D- Well, all aspects of this one are perfect to me. You certainly need to slowly savor this beer, to do otherwise would be committing a crime against the beer! All you need is one over a nice period of time and you'll feel that 10.5% ABV. Be sure to mix in water as you drink.

Drink safe, drink smart, and as always respect the beer!

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