Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Beer Review: Bell's Rye Stout

Beer review time!

This is my first beer review on the blog, and I thought I should share it with you. I am a craft beer enthusiest and I enjoy sampling and discovering the thousands of kinds of beers out there.
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I have never had the chance to try Bell's Rye Stout before and I saw some at my local, so I grabbed a single to sample.

Appearance: Pours a simple, inky black. Definitly mysterious, with only the slightest hint of color coming in the very edges. No head, only a thin layer of foam that dissipates quickly. No lacing left down the glass.

Smell: Roasted barley and dark malts hit the nose immediatly. Dark cocoa notes waft in and out throughout. I can detect a toasted breadiness, that must be the rye talking to me!

Taste: Immediatly dark bread (pumpernickel???) and rye hit the palet. Noticable, but not super strong. Despite the bite the rye imparts, the beer is balanced quite well and tastes like a good American stout should. Nothing is too overpoweringly sweet and cloying, which is nice with a stout. Balance is key kids!

Mouthfeel: High quality, full bodied and mouth-coating. Again, it's not too cloying, but rather it's balance let's you know you're not drinking a cheap product.

Drinkability: Wonderful, I could have several of these over the course of a night. Only 6.7%, so it's a rather weak stout on the alcohol meter.

For future reference, when I review a beer, I'm going to use the letters A, S, T, M and D for:

This is for efficiency so there's your heads up.
Folks, there's a whole world of beer out there outside of Bud, Miller and Coors. Do your research and then start exploring. No sense in wasting your money on the big boys, so get the good stuff and support your local brewer and economy!

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