Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday, Monday

Morning Internet Dwellers!

I officially suck at updating this thing when I say I'm going to. I know I've said that before.

Well last night I headed out to Bdubs on Alpine to meet some friends for dinner. Good times had by all, and I got to see a friend for the last time until this summer most likely, as she's heading back to North Carolina.

Well, Christmas night my buddy Eric and his girlfriend Falon got engaged. I'm really happy for him, as he's absolutely and madly in love with her and they've been dating just over three years now. Now my buddy Eric is quite the popular and in-demand kind of person, see he's got a butt-load of friends and knows pretty much everybody. So, it came as quite the surprise and honor for him (well, his GF because he couldn't choke the words out) to ask me to stand up for them in their coming wedding next summer!

I've been friend with the guy for several years now, and he's had closer friends than me for a lot longer. Hence, my surprise. I don't really know if it's just that he's short on people to ask for groomsmen, or he actually considers me a close friend. I'm not sure what major or minor impact I've on him or Falon if any, but either way I'm more than happy to be there for them.

Well we're now onto Monday #2 of Christmas break, and man it's going by fast. By this point I'm feeling rather slackerish, and lacking any contribution to the world. I guess I should really just enjoy the next week as I don't know if I will ever get the chance to have this much time off work on the holidays again. I'll say this, I've royally screwed up my body clock this past week already! Staying up till 1am, sleeping in until 10am. I had it so I was getting up at 6 with or without an alarm, and going to bed at 1o. So much for that parade.

So, the Lions. Or Snoil's as some call them. People really pay money to this organization? Two wins is not progress over the only winless season in NFL history. Two wins to me means that you're still mired in the swamp management and coaching has put you in for over a decade. I'll cheer for the Packers thank you very much, and no, I'm not "hating" on my native Michigan. I just don't understand why you would support an organization that takes people's hard earned money and then doesn't give them a quality team in return...especially in THIS state!! I'm a very die-hard Red Wings and Tigers fan, but skip the Lions until they get better from top to bottom. I despise the NBA, so I don't even know if the Pistons still exist, lol.

So what to do today? I've already been out taking care of issues, but I don't want to sit around the house all day. My body is sore from working out yesterday, so I'm taking a day off from it today. I really ought to clean and organize...I think Ill probably head out to some stores and window-shop later. Who knows...again why I'm feeling slackerish!

Peace out Kiddo's.

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