Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December...and the first snows of the year!

Good Evening All!

I'm way too wound up for it being this late on a work night! It's December 3rd, a Wednesday. Tonight and tommorow Grand Rapids is set to see the first real snow of the season. Waaayyy late on our usual schedule, about a month late, and I'm not talking about your girlfriend!! Snow showers tommorow, lake effect snow kicking in tommorow night through Saturday.

The best news, I am sooo geeked for, Laker football in the snow Saturday LIVE in HD on ESPN!

Let's hope these next two days go by smoothly, as I am quite excited if you can't tell.

In other news, Tiger Woods this...Tiger Woods this. Maybe ESPN will interrupt the broadcast of our football game if Tiger passes gas. Instant analysis of what he might have eaten and how it will affect his career. Good God, I know the guy get's paid hundred of millions of dollars. However, that does NOT mean I want to hear about him every two minutes.

So folks, a quick mid-week update for you all. Happy Hump Day to everyone!!

I hope to update tommorow night, if not, Friday!

Peace to the world...

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