Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I'm tense...anxious obviously. I'm kind of on edge slightly. This is one of the negatives of being a substitute teacher.

Last Friday we had a snow day. Great you say!! Well, unless you were counting on the money. That's right, even though I had a job locked up, I don't get paid for snowdays. They are outside of my control entirely.

I was able to work four-full days last week, but really wanted the full. Currently this week I had a full day yesterday, and only could find a half-day today. I have a full day lined up tommorow and Thursday, with Friday being off for travel. Sadly however, a major winter storm is moving in tonight through Thursday...a MAJOR winter storm. I'd like to work one of those two days if possible, as the money is necessary. Especially seeing that Christmas break is almost one week away, and I'm not sure if I can pick up some time at my backup job or not. Or, how much subbing I'll get next week, the last week before break. It definitly has the ability to make one speculative.

Furthermore, I am scheduled to go to Alabama this weekend for the DII Football National Championship. Now, I have looked forward to possibly being able to go again for several years, and I don't know if I'll ever get to go again in my life. It does however still cost a bit high for my share of the hotel, van rental, gas and ticket. That's not counting food, which much of I will be on my own for. I'm really hoping for good news from my backup job in terms of getting some time in, that will make life A LOT easier.

Well, the weather is going to make travel Friday morning very iffy as well. I got a lot on the mind...as you can see.

God Bless....

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