Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Life: In Fast Forward

WOWZER. Sorry for the capslock but I feel it necessary. Lately I've felt life being a dragrace that keeps speeding up. Wasn't it just Friday the last time I posted on here?!

I got back about 2:30 this afternoon from a few days on the otherside of the Mitten. Well deserved, and looong overdue I might add. Good times had by all, it was time to venture back home to GR today. Well, since 2:30 it's been nothing but slacking. I guess I'm in "Christmas break" mindset, because I haven't so much as worked out today and it's ALREADY 10:30 pm??? C'mon man!!

Christmas is Friday, are you kidding me?! I swear it was just August 29th and I was watching the first GVSU football game of the year. Hell, I feel like sitting outside in shorts and a T-shirt was just last week!

As I sit here this evening, I am encountered by a dorky hobby that's been missing since the first week of September; Listening to air-traffic control frequencies from around the country. It's official, my college football season is pretty much over. Time to switch over to my beloved Red Wings and hope beyond hope we can make the post-season, despite our regular's being a triage unit and the bench made up of almost all Griffins we might have an outside shot at the 8th seed in the West this year. Quite a 180 from last year....eek.

Took a gander at some of the malls in the metro Detroit area Sunday. I'm again struck by the realization that as materialistic as we are over here in W. Michigan, we are a country mile away from how bad it is in suburban Detroit. A four-year old does not need Uggs!!! If you only have one child, you do not need a Yukon XL!! Oh, and WHY is your 10 year-old carrying her OWN cell phone!? It'd be laughable if it weren't so sad. People watching is always worth it.

It's going to be a low-key Christmas, especially with a winter storm moving in Christmas eve around these here parts.

On sad news, management at my townhouse complex decided to build an outdoor ice-rink this winter. Kickass of course, until some fooking vandals hit it on three occassions already and management decides to tear it down due to cost of repair. I hate people who do things like this, they ruined free winter fun and excercise for several hundred people. Your life must suck in the worst way to stoop to that level.

Anyway, I'll stop whining. I hope you all have a nice night! I'm peacin' out.

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  1. You haven't lived, till you've lived ont he East side of MI! haha!