Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tigers: Exit Stage Left.

Well that's it my friends.

Two weeks ago we were all speculating the playoffs, and now here we sit.

As I stated a couple days ago, this team didn't deserve to go to the playoffs, and now they won't. They however, have ripped the core out of their fan's hearts in the worst economically hit city in the United States. The people of Detroit didn't deserve this. The people of Michigan didn't deserve this. Yet, it's the Tigers who still have a paycheck.

Screw the healthy perspective of the past. Let's not be rational right now. What the Tigers displayed this past month was not rational, so I refuse to be at this moment.
Any momentary flashes of passion and emotion the players showed last night was heavily padded by a dumb-founded, hallowness of urgency.

Was it the players fault? Not entirely. Was it Leyland's fault? Not entirely. Was it Dombrowski's fault? Not entirely. They all however contributed to this end result.
What did the fans contribute? Piles of our money, in tickets, concessions and gear. Piles of our own money which is becoming even more scarce in this stricken state each day.
Sooner of later major athletes may have to answer to those that ultimately write their checks. We can only hope.

Now we turn our attention fully to college football, with an eye to the NHL season which has arrived once more sooner than expected.

Keep your receipts Tigers fans.

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