Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How do ya like me now, Packers?

Could Brett Favre have made any bigger of a statement last night? Sure, he's won a SuperBowl, sure he passed for almost 400 yards the day after his father passed away. This was as hyped an event as any of them.

Whether you agree with his actions lately or not, and I generally do not, one can not look away from what he did to his former team last night. The last time the Metrodome was that loud must have been back when the Twins were in the World Series and they had hockey glass on the outfield fences.

Even though Rodgers out threw Favre 384 yards to 271, Favre tossed 3 touchdown passes to his counterpart's 2. Favre had too many weapons, and Rodgers had too little protection. He's an old fart, but with weapons, he's still here.

Look out for the Vik's kids. They've got an old man on board who's out to prove something.

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