Sunday, October 4, 2009


Hey all,

Once again before we know it, we're back to October. Wasn't it just July?!?

I had the great honor or standing up for two of my best friends yesterday in their wedding. Two people truly cut out for each other. Crazy to think of all of us from college starting up our lives in one way or another. Had a ton of fun and I need today to just recover!

On to the randomness. I haven't drank coffee in about a year, but the last few days I have found myself drinking it. Maybe it's the colder weather?? I don't know, either way it's odd.
Last week I really slacked off in my job searching, I need to get back on that this week and hit it hard. As nice as it can be, subbing isn't a career choice and it's definitly not enough money to live on, let alone have your own place! Anyone hiring 20-somethings??

The previous weekend I got to spend with my beloved GF. What a great time to just enjoy some downtown. Got out to a really cool (not to mention huge and busy) cider mill North of St. Johns, MI. Great donuts and gourmet carmel apples! Let's not forget the free wine tasting, that was a first for me. Good times had by all.

College football is in full swing, and as it always does this time of year, it makes me go crazy. I don't know what it is, but I love it. Grand Valley is once again on it's way to a great season, and my Notre Dame Fighting Irish are 4-1!

Well, not a whole lot of substance in this post, but I needed to update. I'll try to stick to this better this week.

Until then, peace!

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