Monday, October 19, 2009

People of Walmart dot Com

I don't know what took me so long to wander on to this GEM!

For all of us despise Walmart and it's business practices, all of us who do whatever we can to avoid going in there, this website is for you!

Now I know you can people watch anywhere, anytime. But is there any other business establishment so widely popular where you are guarenteed to find such rarities?! It's shocking...maybe it's just it's stereotypical association that has us thinking we see the most "cool kids" there. Maybe, however, it's not. I think one gets one's image for a reason.

Waste some time here, really. It's soooo good.


  1. I noticed you made a post about Perhaps you might be interested in doing a follow up about People of Public Transit.

    People of Walmart inspires sister site (People of Public Transit)

    The public bus and subway systems are littered with amazing photo opportunities. Many of us have been sitting alone witnessing something amazing and only wishing we could share the experience with our friends. Well now you can!

    Thank you,
    John Michael

  2. Hey John.

    Thanks for the heads up! I am generally a big proponent of public transportaton, but just like anything and anywhere else there is great people watching to be had. Especially after the bars get out!