Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Book Recommendation: The Brewmaster's Table by Garrett Oliver

In my last year of college I became interested in exploring the world of craft beer. As my enthusiasm and interest and knowledge base grew, I began to search out sources of information on the subject. I found amazing websites, magazines and books.

One such book that stood out to me was by Garrett Oliver. Garrett is the head brewer at Brooklyn Brewery in Brooklyn, NY. He's been writing about beer for years and is a highly respected authority. In the past couple decades, he's done research all over the world on craft/real beer's relationship to food and everyday life. He has de-bunked countless myths about beer's relationship with quality food, and he has created a massive movement in the culinary world.

The best part about Garrett's work, is that not only can you pair craft beer with high-class cuisine, but you can also pair craft beer with everyday home-cooked food, like grilled and BBQ'd meats and seafood. Craft beer it turns out, works marvelously with spicey ethnic foods from all over the planet too.

I dare you to go give the book a try. It will make your life far more interesting and adventurous. Oliver really is a beer ninja.


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