Friday, September 24, 2010

Beer Review: Steam Engine Stout, Mt. Pleasant Brewing Co.

Well hello there again friends and fellow beer enthusiasts...and those just bored looking for something to read. So I've neglected a Michigan brewery that has been bottling for a while now and it's high time I recognize her. I grabbed a bottle of Steam Engine Stout from the Mt. Pleasant Brewery recently and here is my reflection on the brew.

A- A nice dark body pours from the stubby 12. oz. bottle. An off-white/tan head rises to a two-finger height and really sticks around. The head looks nice and thick, almost like a nitro-stout.

S- Any nose on this beer is slghtly masked it seems. It's shielded...I don't know why. Slowly it comes out; roasted malts, cocoa, coffee bean...vanilla?? The nose actually isn't so bad after a while. It's certainly no imperial stout but it does well.

T- The taste out-lives the nose. This one is a creamy, wonderful coffee-ish stout. Another sip and I can sense the roasted almonds that seem to be there...and there again is that vanilla flavor that I got in the nose. Slight bitter chocolates dance around on the back of the pallet and on the finish. The beer certainly almost leaves you with a coffee-like experience. They've done a great job capturing the ideal of "roastiness" in a stout. Well done Mr. Pleasant Brewing!

M- Mouthfeel is amazing. This one isn't cloying like stouts can be, but it also isn't too watery (you all know I hate "watery" craft beers!). This one is a heat-seeking missle for the "Goldie-locks syndrome", it's just right baby. Great body on this beer and they balanced carbonation with flavor and consistancy to perfection. Good luck finding something with a better combination.

D- This beer is not only perfect for a cold winter's day, but could be downed in summer too if you've got the stones to man-up. If you don't like coffee, this one you might want to steer clear of. Otherwise, pour a pint and sit back, kick your feet up and turn on your fav. tv show or some good tunes that get you in the mood to enjoy a top-rate beer.

Until Next time, here's to beer!

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