Monday, September 13, 2010

Back to the Grind!!

Good Evening Friends,

Well, it's been waaaay too long since I've updated this bad boy. Well, I am back to work subbing and man, does being back to work doing something good for society feel awesome, despite the pay!!

Also on the recent agenda has been college football!! More importantly, GVSU football!! Oh boy, what a season it has been so far. If you missed the last two games, you MISSED OUT, FLAT OUT. Go check out my reviews at!

So, an interesting phenomenom has occured at the last two GV home games. Anyone who follows GVSU Laker football knows the students tend to be quieter, and most leave at halftime for parties. We've become acustom to these habits and cynically joke about it. Well, a strange thing has happened these past two weeks. The GVSU student section has not only been loud, active, and INTO the game but they have stayed right until the end. Have pigs begun to fly?? Has hell frozen over?? Not so much.
We've had a couple astoundingly exciting games against the very top comptetition in Division II. Hopefully this has proven to some of our students that not every game is a a given, and ANYTHING can happen.

At any length, the next game is this Saturday the 18th against U-Indy. I'm out for tonight.


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