Monday, March 1, 2010


Have I ever fallen off the wagon with this thing lately or what?

Had a great weekend starting off with a low-key Friday night at home. Saturday entailed a good cardio workout and then heading downtown for RailJam with Travis, Eric, Amanda and Lora. Great time had by all, until I started to feel like crap at the end of the night at the Intersection. Left early and grabbed a cab home. I hate being a fun-wrecker but I think Ritz Koney got to me in a bad way.

I really like the concept of Railjam and I'm glad to have seen such a large and boisterous crowd present. The event took place in The B.O.B.'s parking lot and was definitly a close-quarters event. They had a band stand erected, as well as several vendors including a large beer tent with a great selection of beers and mixed drinks. They have a VIP deck, and a normal grandstand for spectators, but plenty of room for people to just stand around and watch. Also included was a large video screen for replays for those with less-than-ideal vantage points.

Sunday I lazed around before heading to Dan's to watch the US-Canada Gold Medal game. Great times, even though the hated Crosby scored the game winner for Canada. Stupid little....okay I'll stop. So here we are, one day of work down and four to go! Well, actually 3 to go. I've got a really, really easy day ahead of me Friday which will be a pleasure entering the weekend.

What next? Well, I've really been digging a weekend trip lately and I've been pricing everything from airfare to Amtrak to get out for a couple days! I'm a travel freak, and I wish I had more money to do it more often. If you've got some airline award tickets laying around you're willing to donate, let me know!

Small goal for March, keep up with this thing!

Peace kiddo's!

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