Saturday, March 27, 2010

Beer Review: Bell's Special Double Cream Stout

Good evening peoples of the interwebs! Time for another review. Got a six pack of this last week before they stopped making it for the year. Bell's Special Double Cream Stout is always a favorite, and rather price competitive as well if you find a good store. It's a basic milk/sweet stout, kicked up a little on the flavor note.

A- Pours an old oil black, with a thick tan head that rises a whole inch. This one certainly looks inviting. The head eventually falls to a thin 1/4 inch layer, but leaves nice lacing all the way down.

S- Deep roastiness comes through, heavy, dark malts and cocoa. There is a mocha quality to it, as well as espresso. This one is very chocolatey, it smells a little like a Hersey bar still in the packaging, but more pronounced. It's a smell you really can't get enough of. Definitly very sweet, no roughness to be found anywhere or harsh bitter aromatics.

T- A deep, smooth, roasted cocoa flavor is simply, utterly undeniable. It cannot and will not be held back. Lots of dark roasted malts and earthiness. Chocolate, a little coffee...mocha...etc. There is no hop bitterness anywhere, even on the finish. They call this a milk stout for a reason. Very balanced however and certainly not overpowering. It's like a big hug!

M- Mouthcoating most certainly. It has consistency, but it's not too chewey or resiny. This one has some carbonation, but it's balanced enough so that you still know your drinking a thick stout, not a bombed-out hop-rocket.

D- This guy is awesome. To me, it's a Bell's Kalamazoo Stout with the flavor tweeked and turned up, which is just perfect. If you can find this one, it's certainly a session beer. It'll make a cold, wet March evening more enjoyable and bearable.

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