Monday, March 15, 2010

Frightening and Sobering Reality Sixty Five Years Ago, Still True Today

On May 8th 1945, the war in Europe officially ended. Hitler had committed suicide a week earlier in his bunker in Berlin as the Soviets fought only blocks away in the streets above. Such a solitary and pathetic ending seems anti-climactic for the man that threatened the freedom and security of the entire world less than a decade earlier and is responsible for the deaths of over 50 million people. He almost wiped the country of Germany off the map, as well as it's people whom blindly followed him to the end. Just how close the Nazi party was to actually WINNING World War Two is a chilling reality that stares historians and those aware in the face in the new century.

The basic truth is that Hitler cost himself the war in his impatient rush to invade Europe and his benevolent, arrogant need to control his armies, instead of his far more intelligent generals. He ignored all warnings and wishes from his military staff, which had he heeded their calls the world would most certainly be a frighteningly different place today. "Had it not been for Hitler, they probably would have won it..." said a war veteran in the documentary piece below.

Taking a chilling look back at what could have been in an even worse case scenario, we reveal the truth. Military tacticians and historians continually state that had the Nazi's waited five more years to begin the war, they would have had that much more time to strenghten their military and gauge their adversaries. Had the Germans not stopped bombing the British airfields in favor of bombing London, they would have destroyed the RAF and been able to invade England. With his armies racing across central Russia and closing in Moscow in the fall of 1942, he made a fateful decision. Instead of taking Moscow and most certainly mortally wounding the Russians, he decides to go for Stalingrad in the South. As a result, the Germans get bogged down trying to beseige the city and lose two million soldiers as winter sets in. It's the beginning of the end in the East. On the morning of June 6, 1944 more fateful mistakes befell the Nazi's. Hitler held his massive panzer divisions in the rear and near Calais, far North of Normady and unable to attack. Furthermore, he was not awakened for hours after the attack, thus costing the German's the ability to throw the attack back into the sea.

These are simply a few of the hideous military mistakes made by history's most hideous ideology. In reality, Hitler and the Nazi's could have left the United States alone to defend itself on it's own shores from both Germany and Japan.

As the son of a World War Two veteran, this clip is incredibly moving to me:

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