Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Dark, Snowy Night...

On such a night, one has time to reflect. Especially when one does not have to be at work until noon the next day. It occurs to me, "Oh Shit!, I haven't been here since last week!" Now, it would assume that the weekend would have afforded plenty of opportunities to update, but nooooo, I was apparently too good for that.

To review, I had an awsome tme at a $1 Beer Griffins game Friday night with friends, and a great SuperBowl Sunday with friends as well. Saturday...I vegged. Sue me.

So tonight, Fat Tuesday we have "Snowmageddon"...according to the sensationalist local news stations. "Biggest snow storm in two months!"...Umm, we're only supposed to get 8 inches...DC just got 25". THAT'S a snowstorm. Period.

My point?

THIS IS MICHIGAN!!! It's February!!! Go play intermurals brother! Eight inches is simply a nice backdrop in the mitten. If you can't handle it, move to Florida. You've seen it before, stop crying wolf.

I'd enjoy a snowday tommorow, but that is doubtful. The last snowstorm in GR, GRPS was the only district to NOT close. I won't get my hopes up. Detroit-area districts have aleady closed, as well as outlying GR districts.

Well, I'm done ranting for tonight. Tommorow will bring what it will.


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