Monday, August 16, 2010

Football and faith: Another look

So last week I posted an article about how the Islamic faith impacts players during football season.

Well here's another very interesting article from right here in Michigan. This one involves the Dearborn Fordson high school football program, and how it deals with it's Muslim majority in respect to religion. I really wish MLive had a way for me to share and imbed this story on Blogger for you, but they don't. Here is the link:

As a small opinion piece, some of the comments at the bottom of the article are really disturbing to me. The amount of growing xenophobia and religious-racism and hatred in this country is frightening. Certain political figure's followings in 2008 displayed some very open racist and xenophobic foundations. We're at the interim point with the 2012 election year staring us in the face. I urge voters to be wary of candidates from any party who have xenophobic and racist organizations in their following.

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