Sunday, November 8, 2009

Another Marvelous Weekend

Had a great weekend once again.

Not only because of the activities involved, but because the weather Mother Nature and the Good Lord bestowed on us for it! Both Saturday and Sunday were completely sunny with temps in the mid-upper 60's! Okay you say, that's nice. No, this is Michigan in November, those stats are awsome!!

So Saturday we headed out to GVSU at 9am for the Laker's last regular season home football game of 2009 against the Warriors of Wayne State. A beautiful morning of tailgating was capped off by a nice 59-28 victory ensuring a 5th consecutive Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletics Conference title, and yet another NCAA playoff berth.

The evening was filled with a marvelous bonfire at CowboyEric's 10 acres of land in Western Allendale. The evening included multiple trips deep into the woods to manually retrieve and haul large timbers back to the yard for the fire. I'm definitly getting old, because hauling massive timbers 10 acres last night has my body tired today.

Speaking of today, today was filled with a whole lot of nothing but relaxation. The most streniuous activities were heading to Meijer and doing laundry. Once again, wonderful weather gave us the opportunity to open all the windows in the house and get fresh air in this joint.

Not much else to report. Adrienne is doing well, and so is her family. Her alma-mater, the Dewitt Panthers are undefeated and rolling in the MHSAA playoffs! Go Panthers! I am currently watching the NY Giants take back the game from San Diego as I type this. Perhaps tommorow I can fill you all in on some more exciting stuff. Back to teaching 3rd grade tommorow. Love those kids!

Until then, keep your stick on the ice!

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