Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer is Here!

Today's temperature is reaching into the 90's, with very elevated and highly irritating humidity as well. It's Tuesday, June 7th. Until the last two weeks the spring/early summer had been a relatively cool and wet one. Many days not getting out of the low 60's with dreariness and rain. That pattern stopped on Memorial day when the temperature soared into the upper 80's with abundant sunshine. It's looked somewhat like this ever since:

Today and tommorow are going to be very uncomfortable to say the least! It get's more tolerable later on in the week and for the weekend.

So since it's June 7th, you know what that means; the end of the school year. Tommorow may very well be my last day of work. What are my summer plans?? Job searching and looking into going back to school. To my surprise, my old retail job wasn't offered back to me after having to reapply. So I am currently unemployed for the summer come next week and going to be living off savings. I really want and need to find a good job, so if anyone has any tips throw them my way please!

Off for now, enjoy the heat!!


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