Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Break!

Well hello there!

I am coming to you from just South of Douglas, MI, around the town of Ganges and only about 1,500 feet from the shores of Lake Michigan. I have been here with my wonderful girlfriend since Saturday. Why am I/are we here you may ask? Well we are house and dog sitting for a good friend and colleague of my girlfriend. It's nice to get "out of town" for a few days, even if I am still in West Michigan technically. Today's weather has been the best it's been since we arrived here Saturday morning, totally clear skies, low-40's and a light breeze. Sunday we endured cold rain, Sunday night featured heavy storms and wind. Yesterday was rather dreary for most of the day.

Today the GF went back to her summer job to make money while she isn't in the classroom teaching. That leaves me to mind the house and cute little, white dog that kind of looks like a small sheep haha. I started to get stir-crazy around mid-day today and went to find the old Felt Mansion and Saugatuck State Park. While I found both, and even took a wonderful hike to the beach, I sadly forgot to grab my camera! FAIL, that means no pictures for you unfortunatly. That hike was directly followed by an hour long nap curled up with the dog.

Yesterday the GF and I decided to make the short drive to Holland, MI to go shopping for a bit. After which we proceeded to downtown Holland as I had a special urge to visit the New Holland Brewing company. New Holland has started to really get into distilling spirits, and they have a full line of premium vodka, gin and whisky that they've distilled in-house. The bartender was feeling rather kind and gave me what had to amount to a $2 sample of their straight-malt whisky for free! Quite exquisite and I think I know what's going on my Christmas wish list for this year already ;).

That's all for now! Hope to post more later.


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