Monday, January 17, 2011

2011: A Month and Half Later

So here we are on the evening of January 17, 2011. I haven't made a blog-post here since December 1st, 2010. My did I ever take a leave of absence from this parcel of internet property.

Christmas break featured a two-week absence of work for me that while being amazingly relaxing, seemed at the same time to by-pass me all too fast. I had planned a wonderful and highly extensive New Years Eve post with all the trimmings of what 2010 (one of the most momentus and tumultous years of my life) had been. Days of editing never came to fruition and a horrific stalemate met the midnight hour separating December 31, 2010 and Janurary 1, 2011. There I was, one month void of any meaningful remarks on here, more-so ANY remarks on here.
I feel as though I've done 2010 a massive injustice by not posting that piece. While it was one of the most important and poignant years of my life, it passed by deceptively fast and stealthily. There is so much from that year that absolutely bears comment, commendation and re-telling, while at the same time, it seems so empty. It would be a tradgedy if I did not re-tell of it. So instead of nothing, I will eventually give you all (how few you may be) an account of the year that was...and wasn't.

I hope this long weekend celebrating the life and work and efforts of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has treated you well. Remember to keeo with you his spirit and hope.

God Bless-


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