Saturday, September 5, 2009

Facebook | Meagen Spillane

Facebook Meagen Spillane: "What is a Laker? It’s walking the Little Mac and knowing where to find the only color copier on campus. It’s being placed in the “old dorms” on campus, and having the best stories to tell. It’s eating Yesterdogs at 2 in the morning after spending your last $10 on your favorite band playing at The Intersection. It’s “off campus living” in the middle of a cornfield and scouring for an old downtown duplex with your best friends for next year. It's not knowing the cost of gas or insurance because the '50' can take you where you need to be. It’s throwing a dollar in the can at Mojo’s to hear your fight song, and throwing your arms in the air fighting for the national championship title. It’s throwing down on the best of Founder’s beers, and throwing some caps with Natty. It’s 10-cent drafts at BFE, knowing it’s not in BFE, and knowing what the Pink Drink and Hairy Buffalo is. It’s going to class with a wind chill of ten-below, and laying out in Grand Haven before the first football game of the year. It's taking exams, taking your college years for granted, and taking your degree around the world... Only to find yourself missing the mitten.

It’s about being a part of a place in its youth, in your youth. Growing with it. Growing around it. Growing because of it.

Missing you, GV."

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