Sunday, January 29, 2012

Beer Review: Leinenkugal's Big Eddy Imperial Stout

This beer is quite the beer. I've always been very impressed that despite having ownership and distribution rights over the Leinenkugal brand, Miller-Coors still allows them to crank out some really good ales, especially this beast! I had the opportunity to try it a few years back for the first time and haven't had the give-a-dang to since. So, for posterities sake, here we go.

A- Pours a molasses-thick, inky black. Am I going to drink three-year old used motor oil?? This stuff lets no light penetrate, period. Dark, sinister and forboding to those too afraid to approach, Big Eddy looms deliciously. A small dark-brown head forms and quickly dissapears.

S- Malty aromas slam my nasal passages in less than a second. Dark roasted coffee beans, rich, dark earthy smells evoke that of hard, crusty black-bread. deeper still rich cocoa lies deep within.

T- Wow what an explosion. I get cocoa-bean and bakers chocolate first. It's dark, super rich and definitly not for the prepared palet. As you let it sit on your palet roasted notes show up to the party. While late, here comes coffee. he's roasted too! Is that toffee with a major malty edge?? He's brought a friend, dark molasses-infused rye bread! Good to see you all here! Yes, they are all indeed here. Take your time on this one!

M- What a deep beer. This one is molasses and it's a good thing!This one is sweet, almost cloying toward the end if drank too quickly. It sits on your tongue and lingers as well. Quite pleasant if you like coffee though.

D- This beer is mainly for the months of November through April in colder climates. Pick a snowy night and a fire, hopefully a pooch curled up at your side, a good book on your lap. Relax, it's all good with this one.

9.5% Alc. by Volume, sold in four-packs or singles. Consult your highest-quality locale to get one that's been treated properly.

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