Tuesday, December 6, 2011

BCS: Beauty Contest Session

Well it's true. You know it, I know it, and EVERY SINGLE DI-FBS school, administrators, atheltic director and coaches know this. They all signed on completely aware of the flaws, the inequities, and the ugly truth that it is nothing but a giant cash grab for the most popular teams. The system is designed to make money for itself. If your school and fanbase is deemed to not be profitable and there is another choice that would provide a bigger crowd, more hotel rooms sold, more merchandise and better TV ratings guess what; you're getting bounced!

The only ones who are satisfied with the system are those who are currently profiting from it hansomly. Well, at some time down the road they will get screwed over. The time will come.

So my frustrating is now boiling over with a certain school and it's fan base. Yes, you did get the shaft on this one. However Michigan State fans need to leave Michigan out of their mouths right now. Michigan did not curse you, they did not cause you some mystic harm. You beat them four years in a row. The University of Michigan did not create the BCS, not the circumstances that have prevented you from getting a rightful invite the last two seasons. Just like UofM, you Michigan State, signed on the line which is dotted. You went along like the rest of the FBS programs, like it or not.

There has always been a thing with Michigan State fans (see: massive generalization) and a complete fixation and obsession with the University of Michigan. Despite beating the Wolverines four years running now, there are two things that prove to me that Sparty has not yet "arrived" as some believe. One; you still talk constantly about the school in Ann Arbor. It is THE most important game on your schedule. You could go 1-11, but if you beat Michigan it was a good year dang it all! When you were left out of the BCS schedule this year, you immediatly deflected all of your anger and frustration toward Michigan. Two; despite winning the Legends division and losing to Wisconsin by only three points you were STILL the ugliest of the three sisters. Despite beating UofM four years running, the BCS still grabbed the Wolverines in a no-brainer financially.

Someone posted on their Facebook Sunday night "Don't thank your coach Michigan, thank your fan base...". Well...he's partially right! Michigan's fan base is partially what got them that bid with the system being what it is. Come on Sparty, get your fans out of the tailgating lot when the game starts and into the stadium. You can't even sell it out every game now! No wonder a profit-based system looked you over twice.

Chris Petersen, I wholly agree with you! If you want the system changed you have to speak out and ACT. If not you have no right to complain. YOU signed on for it.

Just thought this was funny:

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