Wednesday, August 24, 2011

9-11 - A Decade Later

Has it really been that long? What's happened in that time, that ten year gap from that shocking day to the ten-year memorial. In the time since that day a lot of things have happened. I've graduated high school as well as college, had a couple internships, witnessed two wars, two elections, two presidents, numerous scandals, 1.5 economic depressions, a massive power blackout, Katrina, the tsunamis in South Asia and Japan, the near death of the Big Three in Detroit, the Lions went 0-16, the Red Wings won two Stanley Cups, the Tigers went to the World Series, and Grand Valley becaome the predominant athletic powerhouse in Division 2. Wow has a lot happened! Let me hear your memories from the last decade since one of the most defining moments in our generation's existance.

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